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Foundations of Love
Foundations of Love

The Foundations of Love

(Book 3 in the Love is Crystal Clear Trilogy)

April 2024

It is never too late to rewrite our life’s script.
Life’s bitter-sweet journey unfolds in this third and final instalment of the
“Love is Crystal Clear Trilogy “.

As Isabel approaches the milestone of fifty, the shadow which has loomed over her life dissipates. Determined to begin a new chapter, she embarks on a quest for love, even as the demands of running the family business consume more of her time. The finalization of her divorce adds a poignant punctuation to the end of an era, and a chance conversation ignites a fresh and rewarding perspective.

Meanwhile, Josh grapples with the aftermath of his ex-wife Ruby’s revelations and reaches a crossroads. Encouraged by his friend Darius, he takes on a bid for Isabel’s new conservatory. Paths collide and sparks fly between Josh and Isabel, and they feel an instant attraction, yet assumptions steer them in different directions as they continue their search for love beyond the obvious.

Join Isabel and Josh on a journey that blends past hurts and betrayals with a search for lasting happiness and freedom.

A Balancing Kind of Love

(Book 2 in the Love is Crystal Clear Trilogy)

September 2021

Kirsty Young, a 40-year-old single woman, is at a crossroads in her life. She works hard and enjoys socialising, but something is missing. Has she left it too late to meet Mr Right and become a mother?

With life-changing decisions to make, she packs her bags and travels to Ibiza and Cyprus on a six-month sabbatical.

Max Bright, now in charge of the family business, Brightside Hotels, feels emotionally exhausted. All the travelling and keeping an eye on his mother and playboy brother has taken its toll. Unhappy with his lifestyle, he wants to find a balance. Can he make room in his life for romance?

When Max and Kirsty’s paths cross, it definitely isn’t love at first sight.

They travel in different directions. Then fate and a little help from their friends intervene.

Is there such a thing as  a second chance?

Love is Crystal Clear

(Book 1 in the Love is Crystal Clear Trilogy)

December 2019

Henrietta Green is a 50-year-old single woman, and a divorcee of fifteen years, is always looking for a new hobby, but never love. She finished with all that nonsense years ago.

Danny Brown has just moved back from Portugal with his life in pieces after discovering his marriage was a sham. Can this fresh start help put his life back together?

When Henri and Danny bump into each other on a night out, sparks fly, but can they risk getting their hearts broken again? Cupid’s Helpers think they can!

Join Henri, Danny, and friends on a journey of self-discovery, facing emotional challenges, discovering hidden pleasure, and falling in love… possibly.

‘Love is Crystal Clear’ is available to buy at Amazon

Join Henri, Danny, and friends on a journey of self-discovery, facing emotional challenges, discovering hidden pleasure, and falling in love … possibly.

Unexpected Love, Hidden Pleasure & Friendship Collide in Five-Star Romance

‘Love is Crystal Clear’ proves that the deepest, most meaningful love can often be found in the unlikeliest of places. Readers will find themselves embroiled in the life of a 50-year old divorcee and a man picking up the pieces of a sham marriage, as cupid’s helpers step in to try and craft a happy ending. It’s a contemporary romance novel that’s both spellbinding and saucy – as erotic fiction and a good old-fashioned love story weave together.


While of course fiction …

I also wanted to include many elements female readers will relate to, such as the experience of the menopause, supporting each other in friendships and trying to thrive in love …

Emma – United Kingdom

Aww this is just so so perfect. Feel completely invested in Danny and Henri and the supporting characters are adorable too. Honest about women's lives- empty nest, menopause, confidence issues, and..... sex. Not for the faint hearted at times but very funny and joyful...


What a fantastic read! A perfect book to snuggle up and immerse yourself in. A little raunchy at times which makes it a great distraction! All the characters were relatable and I didn't want the story to end. A fantastic debut, well done Joanna.


Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. A romantic, cheeky and a bit of a sexy read. It's light hearted and relevant. I found it quite hard to put down. I want to know more about the characters and hope there is another book.


Really enjoyed this book. Being a lady of a certain age, so much was relatable. Great characters and places, they inhabit your mind. Looking forward to following this author if this book is anything to go by. Now off to search Google about Crystals...


“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves”

Henry David Thoreau

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