What would Stephanie Plum do?

Since Christmas, I have been busy exploring avenues where I can promote my romance novel and Facebook is full of opportunities to connect to the outside world. Oh boy… I didn’t realise how vast this was. There are groups out there with up to 100,000 readers, all interested in finding out what everyone is reading. There are also other sites you can connect to which subscribe to even more members. It is a massive industry and such an amazing way of connecting to like minded people.
I’m a private reader and have got into a habit of reading as many pages as I can at bedtime, until my book drops on the floor when I fall asleep. I even read when I get in after a night out… albeit squinting out of one eye. On holiday, I like to lay by the pool and read and I will get through several books.
It surprises me when I hear that people don’t read books, but it is a personal choice.
When my daughter asked for a bookstore voucher for Christmas, my reply was, why don’t you tell me what book you want to read and I’ll buy it for you? She then went on to explain that she wanted to be able to spend time to explore the bookshelves herself. She studies English literature in 6th form and is encouraged to read all types of genres.
Over the years, I have read books by Catherine Cookson & Jilly Cooper, Steven King & Dean Koontz and was encouraged to read books by Isaac Asimov. I go through phases, whether I want to read about vampires, murders or romance. At the moment, I am reading a wonderful book called A walk along the River du Lez, by Nivea Joyce, a new author who lives in France. I connected with her via a Facebook group and we are both at the same point of our new and exciting journey. I will post a review of her book on my blog once I have finished it.
Who is Stephanie Plum?
My friends will remember the time I got stuck on the top of high wall when I tried to climb over it after a night out. We were staying with my friend’s dad, and had forgotten where the key to the gate was and it was silly o’clock in the morning.
I was very absorbed in a series of books written by Janet Evanovich at the time, so in my pickled mind I thought, What would Stephanie Plum the bounty hunter, do in this situation?
Well, she would climb over the wall… only I sobered up enough to remember I didn’t like heights and panicked. I did jump off the wall eventually after my sister refused to catch me and my arms were a pretty shade of purple when I got home to England. For the record, I was in my forties and should have known better…
Do you belong to a book club and what sort of books tickle your fancy?
Love Joanna x