An escape from reality …

The year 2020 has been very challenging for so many people. The light is not quite shining brightly at the end of the tunnel, but we are living in hope that we are heading towards a brighter future.
I am a mother to 4 wonderful children and have been happily married for over twenty years. One thing that I have always made time for are weekends away or nights out with girlfriends. When the country initially went into lockdown, I had a bit of a panic. I’d planned some amazing holidays with my family and friends throughout the year, and month by month they were cancelled. Nights out to the theatre and live performances were postponed.
When I look around at the sacrifices that have been made by many others, I know my issues are trivial compared to them.
With time on my hands, and support and encouragement from good friends, I decided to start journaling, in order to examine any areas of my life that were holding me back.
I am a control freak… and now I understand why.
Journaling became a daily occurrence, until one day I had a crystal clear thought … stop journaling and start writing a novel that I’d always dreamed of doing.
Have any of your dreams become a reality this year?
Much love
Joanna x