Cry me a river…

This week I created a post on Instagram posing the question Do you enjoy reading books that make you cry?
One follower commented ‘Yes, especially tears of laughter.’
I agree with that remark, I love a book that makes me laugh out loud, but have to be careful not to wake my hubby as I do the majority of my reading in bed.
I thought I’d delve into this subject more as personally, I avoid reading weepy books at all costs.
I see so many posts on Facebook groups where people ask for recommendations for real tear-jerkers and it astounds me.
I read to escape from reality and I avoid crying at all costs. I must admit, I get slightly envious when I see people shed tears and gently dab them off their face and get on with their day.
When my floodgates open, I am a blubbering mess and quite scary to be around. It takes a good few hours for my red cheeks to calm down and my glassy, puffy eyes to return to normal.
If I stumble across a tear jerker scene on a television program or film, I get all jittery and start to make jokes. My coat of armour I suppose?
Sometimes, I can’t control the tears when something triggers off a reaction.
My daughters had the unlucky experience of seeing me have a meltdown at the cinema when we went to see Mama Mia 2. It reminded me of my mum who sadly passed away over ten years ago. I miss her every day and think of her all the time, so why did it take a film to trigger off these emotions? I blamed it on the full moon.
On reflection, I could go on and on about the times I’ve had a teary breakdown, especially of late, as I am menopausal and very emotional — nobody warned me about that one.
I could write about the time I made a room full of people cry when my 2 year old twins were diagnosed with cerebral palsy and I burst into tears. I won’t, as that memory makes me sad, and even as I write this line, a few tears have escaped.
I encourage my children to let their emotions out and have a good cry if they need to. I think it’s healthy and I am not saying I suppress my emotions, or so I thought. Perhaps it would do me the world of good to read a tear-jerker or carry on watching A Star is Born. I was told that it had a sad ending so I turned it off.
You see, I cry at the thought of crying so why tempt fate and read an emotional book or watch a sad movie?
I don’t want to feel sad… or am I not getting the point?
Don’t worry, next week’s subject will be on a happier note. As it’s Valentines Day next Sunday, I thought I’d blog about …
Well that’s enough about me. Please feel free to share your own thoughts. Do you enjoy a good old cry or avoid it at all costs like myself? And to those of you who need to let their emotions go through these trying times, I’m sending you a virtual hug.
Much love
Joanna 💜